Giovanni Giovanni De Angelis, born in Naples in 1908, was a marshal of “Carabinieri”(One of the Italian Armed Force)and he always nurtured his love for art. Music , painting, photography, and love for his family, used to fill his life.
He decided to build a house in Ginosa Marina in the end of fifties, a period when the main part of this area were covered by sand and vegetation.
It is a very nice place where to spend holidays with your own family and friends!
Time was passing by and the house was more and more beautiful above all thanks to his art.
Indeed Giovanni thought about adorning the façade ( at the time it was just made of the ground floor) with paintings.
As a lover of his birth place (Naples) and of Pompei, he took inspiration from some paintings represented on the walls of that historical place , in specific The House of “Vetti”’s ones.
this achievement can be still appreciated on that part of the façade that is on the avenue, adorned with a Greek fret representing putti in lively movements. The name B&B De Angelis not only comes from the first owner’s surname, but also from those little angels painted on the wall (origin from the Latin language: De Angelis = anything about angels).

Domenico Passeri, born in 1976 is Giovanni De Angelis’ nephew. In 2005 he decided to give value to the house where he has always spent great part of his holidays since his childhood and where many beautiful periods of his life are kept there.
Ginosa Marina is indeed an attractive place where to go on holiday, to enjoy the seaside and the beach and where to meet new people both from any part of Italy and from abroad.
It is also a great place where to go on a short trip in the wintertime, when you want to get away from the city chaos and find refuge in the quiet of a town of about 5000 people; where you can enjoy the seaside and the beauty of the pine forest, where walking in the silence while listening to the sounds of the nature takes you to your inner peace.

The project started in the same year and it had been carried on until June 2006.
The house has been renewed and all the necessary systems have been installed according to law.
Each room is painted in a different color from the others and pictures taken and developed by De Angelis Grandfather are hung on the walls: all the rest is settled in such a way to make the place nice and pleasant.
After a year of work, everything is ready to welcome those who would like to spend a peaceful holiday.
Domenico lives in the B&B and is always there to welcome and to look after his guests, to give information about what’s on in town and about restaurants, lidos, discos, bars, sport courts and suggestions about places to visit in the local area and transportations to reach those places, and all the necessary information to guarantee his guests quiet and fun!

Wish you all great holidays!